I’m back! Sort of…

October 22nd, 2018 by Mistress Saeko

I’ve recently fallen down the hole that are era games (Warning: Link is to a site that’s Not Safe For Work).

So, I’ve decided to take on one of those game on my own.

I’ve decided to work on eraTouhouReverse.

It’s a game of an adult persuasion that takes place in the Touhou Universe.

It has you as a slave being trained by Touhou characters.

From the looks of things, translating it will be quite simple. It’s just editing a bunch of ERB and CSV files in a text editor.

I am seriously thinking about crowdsourcing a full translation, and since the interpreter it requires, Emuera is open source, that could be modified to fit our translation.

If I do crowdsource it (99% possibility), we’ll need people that are familiar with the Touhou universe to help edit the translations and set up a place to aggregate and coordinate.


Repository is up! Be sure to read the Readme thoroughly!

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